Other Appearances

The franchise was such a success that it spilled over to the television, comics and even into the amusement park business. Here’s all the Indiana Jones extras that you can get hold of, and be sure to read about his Canadian Citizenship!

TV serial

Aired from 1992 till 1996, this television series was produced by George Lucas himself and he kept the children and teenagers as the main audience trying not just to show Indiana when he was young but also introduced historical monuments and figures in the process. The actor chosen for this role was Sean Patrick Flanery.

Majority of the series revolves around Indiana Jones and his movements during World War 1 as a soldier of just 16 or 17 years grafted into the Belgian Army and how me migrates to become a spy and intelligence officer. Some backstories take viewers all the way back to Jone’s childhood where he piggybacks with his dad all over the world.

Video Games

Indiana Jones has already made appearances in video games officially with the Raiders of the Lost Ark being adapted to a game and then the Temple of Doom too. Last Crusade has also been adapted. There are puzzles and adventure board games that draw storylines from all the three films.

Finally, games on Indiana Jones went into an entirely different narrative with the Lost Kingdom and then Infernal Machine, Fate of Atlantis and the Emperor’s Tomb.

Theme Parks

Yes, you read right. There is a theme park dedicated to Indiana Jones and it is a place you have to visit as a diehard Indy fan. Situated in Orlando, Florida USA at the Disney Hollywood Studios, it serves as one of the major attractions of the place. Then there is the Temple of Forbidden Eye at Disneyland and Temple of the Crystal Skull at Tokyo’s DisneySea.


Why not right? Comics are the perfect way to keep the Indy story alive. They are easily accessible, quick to make and loads of fun to collect. In 2004 Dark Horse Comics introduces the story of the Great Unknown within the Star Wars Tales Vol 5 thus bringing the two Harrison Ford worlds colliding on each other. Short Round and Indy stumble on the Millennium Falcon discover the skeleton of Han Solo and something unlike humans that is actually the remains of Chewbacca.