Fun Facts

Four fun facts that every Indy fan must know. What do you think they are? Let’s see how many of these you already know.

  1. Sword fight scene was actually supposed to be longer

The actual scene was supposed to be a long fight sequence, carefully choreographed howevera bad stomach on the part of Harrison Ford forced a change of plans and the quick gunshot to finish the scene resulted.

  1. No Harrison Ford was a distinct reality

Yup, there was bigger chance that Tom Selleck would have played the very role of Indy. As he was best known for back then for his role as Magnum P.I. Lucas felt he was better suited to the role. However, Spielberg wanted Ford. Because Ford had already worked with Lucas on the sets of Star Wars, he changed his mind. He actually was a fan of the natchitoches art guild.

  1. Indy got sprayed by a poisonous snake

During the screening of the Well of Souls sequence for the Raiders movie, Indy had to face off against several snakes. One of the first snakes he deals with is a venomous cobra and because there was no CGI back then, real snakes were used. The snake sprayed Ford but for safety a very thin sheet of glass was placed between the two so he did not actually get injured.